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Nate hails from Oklahoma City, OK originally and now resides in Larkspur, CO just outside Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO.

He started writing and arranging during college years.
Around the turn of the century, Nate began writing what he would classify as Hybrid Country and Patriotic. It began with “Daddy, Dance With Me” written with his two daughters in mind. He would later go on to record a 10 song LP of originals and a 5 song LP.

Nate hopes to put his music in the hands of those who could utilize his talent and get his music out to the public.


  1. So Far From Heaven Nate Stuart 4:03
  2. Never Had It Better Nate Stuart 3:40
  3. What Are You Gonna Do With My Heart Nate Stuart 3:03
  4. This Christmas Nate Stuart 2:49
  5. The Single Nate Stuart 4:13
  6. That's You Nate Stuart 2:45
  7. She's Mine Nate Stuart 4:17
  8. Love Just Love Nate Stuart 3:00
  9. I'm Still Lookin Nate Stuart 4:01
  10. Reach For The Sky Nate Stuart 3:42

I hope you find encouragement and feel a sense of hope that we can make the world a better place. My wish is that we can all make a difference in others’ lives so that we all can have this perspective. . . ‘Never Had It Better’.Nate Stuart


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